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A Real Pain In The Butt: Anal And Rectal Issues In Dogs

26 April

Although it’s an unpleasant subject, anal and rectal issues are much more unpleasant for your dog, and can lead to serious complications. Some problems are breed specific, while others can affect any type of dog. If your dog is experiencing any type of strained or painful defecation, incontinence, bleeding or discharges from the rectum, or […]

Things You Should Learn About English Golden Retriever Dogs Before You Purchase Your Very Own Puppy

04 March

Have you ever passed by someone who is walking an English golden retriever and wish you could have a pet like this magnificent looking animal? Well, you certainly can, but there are things that you should know about this dog breed before you purchase one, and it’s best to talk with the professionals who know […]

If Your Female Ferret Isn’t Spayed, Her Life Is At Risk

02 February

If you’re in the market to adopt a ferret, chances are any reputable breeders have told you that they spay their female ferrets. While many pet owners make the decision to spay and neuter their pets, you might be surprised that so many breeders make the choice for the pet owner. However, it’s for a […]

Equine Acupuncture: Understanding The Different Treatment Options

01 January

Just as with their human counterparts, horses can benefit from a wide range of medical services. Some horse vets offer acupuncture as a way to deal with a variety of ailments that can affect your beloved horse. If you are considering acupuncture, here are a few things you should know about the different types of […]

Helping A Dog Deal With Separation Anxiety

09 December

If you own a dog and you are finding they are very attached to you throughout the day, separation anxiety can become an issue. If a dog feels insecure when they are by themselves, they may start acting out by chewing your belongings or eliminating in areas of the home. There are several steps you […]

Saving An Orphaned Fawn

09 November

Unfortunately, mother deer can be hurt and injured in a number of ways. Sometimes they are shot by hunters or hit by a car. As a result, they may leave a baby or two behind in the woods who are not able to care for themselves. If you find a fawn you believe needs help, […]

5 Signs Your Cat Is Having A Medical Emergency

19 October

As a cat owner, you realize that your cat may sometimes exhibit peculiar behavior. However, you may instinctively know when something is not right with your pet. Some atypical behaviors are indications that your cat needs to be taken to an animal hospital. Here are a few signs that your cat is having a medical […]

The Importance Of Food Choices When Boarding Your Cat

24 September

One of the reasons pet owners board their cats it to rest assured knowing they’re safe and in good hands. However, cats can still have a problem if you overlook one small thing: what food will they eat while being boarded? This guide will explain why what they eat can be a problem and three […]

Preparing For The Recovery Process Following Your Cat’s Dental Operation

26 August

Having teeth extracted can be hard on a cat; between the anesthesia and the trauma of the surgery itself, your cat may not be their normal spunky self for a while. It can be helpful to plan ahead and do everything you can to make the recuperation process as easy as possible on your cat. […]

5 Dog Behavioral Issues That Your Veterinarian Can Help With

03 August

Whether you have a young dog that is still in their puppy stage or they are quite a bit older, it is likely that you have experienced some behavioral issues at some point. While many issues can be addressed at home with proper training on your part, other issues may be nearly impossible to remedy […]